Hi guys, I am glad you have taken the time to view my site. I am a creative person who has wanted to be financially free my entire adult life. I always believed you should spend your time doing what makes you happy in life, not sacrificing time for money.

As a college drop-out who studied art, I was very indecisive about what I wanted to do with my life. I really struggled with maintaining jobs and staying focused on any particular career path. Long story short, I spend years researching how to earn money online. I tried them all – paid to click sites, freelance writing, affiliate marketing, MLM, GPT sites, and more. None of them got me anywhere except writing. I was fortunate to land some freelance writing gigs in 2010, but they ended a couple years later, forcing me to go back into the average working world. Basically, I spend the next couple years struggling to find work and just live.

Fast forward a few years, I become a parent and decided to become a virtual assistant. I was so fortunate to land some great clients who paid me to call their leads and set appointments for their business coaching services. While I really appreciated the gigs, I always knew that I wanted to earn residual income… when you keep getting paid over and over again for something you did once. After studying online marketing for nearly 10 years, I knew for a fact that the residual income was where the real freedom kicked in.

So, I decided to join a few opportunities I had closely researched and found to be 100% legit (learn more here). I was tired of putting my creative passions on the back burner, and I really wanted to achieve a life of complete financial freedom and do whatever I wanted, whenever I wanted. As someone who was very cautious about joining online opportunities and hated to waste any money, it was difficult for me to push through and go for it. But, I knew my life wouldn’t change unless I took the risk.

Now my mission is to inspire creative individuals to achieve financial freedom using online income opportunities so that they can pursue their artistic talents and live life to the fullest.

Email: earnwithapril33@gmail.com

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