Traffic is the most important element to succeeding in any online opportunity, and many people don’t know how to generate traffic to their websites. Press releases are a free way to start driving traffic to your link and start getting organic traffic from search engines.

Although many press release sites charge a fee to post a new release, IBO Toolbox allows you to post unlimited press releases for free. This all-in-one business networking site makes posting a press release super simple; they only require a 400-word minimum. You can include all the links you desire within your post.

Article marketing is not dead – you just need to include the right keywords in your article and provide valuable information. Luckily, IBO Toolbox allows you to list keywords in your press release. This helps your press release rank in search engines, so when people searching for those keywords will see your post in the search results.

IBO Toolbox has no restrictions about what you can put in your press release, except you can’t use foul language or plagiarize anyone’s content. You can, however, re-post your own content from your blog in a press release as long as you mark it as “non-authentic content” upon publishing the press release.

Here are a few elements to include in your press releases:

  • Reviews
  • Tips
  • Testimonials
  • How-To
  • Updates
  • Proof
  • Introductions

You can also write multiple press releases about your opportunity to help your post get more traffic.

Don’t forget; aside from search engine traffic, your posts will also be seen by other IBO Toolbox members when they visit your profile. This can result in thousands of fresh views to your opportunity.

As you can see, press releases can be powerful tools for driving free traffic to your opportunity and getting leads.

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